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What carpet repairing can do for your damaged carpets

Carpets are one of the important components for your home interior designing and it takes a good enough investment. The selection of eye-catching carpet which best suits your room is a time-taking and difficult task and you also have to spend a lot of time taking care of it. After all this time and money investment and after proper care of your carpet gets damaged then your annoyance is natural.

Your room may get flooded with heavy rainwater, a burning coal piece may fall at one side of the carpet or it might be possible that your cat will abrade the carpet with their sharp nails. Possibilities are everywhere. In these conditions when one side or a small portion of your carpet gets damaged and of course you never want to replace it with a new one.

So what are the possibilities? Is repairing the damaged carpet a good option or not?

Why not, If you can get a well-repaired carpet in a very low amount. But here you need an expert carpet repairing person who knows about the reasons and type of damage and tools for repair.

Most common carpet damages that are fixable by experts

In case of any repair required for carpets, the local team visits you and they can examine the main reason for the damage and can suggest the best and cost-effective repair strategy which best suits your scenario. Here we have discussed some most common damages which are quickly repairable by the experts.

Burn marks on the carpet

Most probably you see burn marks on carpets used in homes. It’s because of the use of irons, cigarettes, hair straightening tools, candles, matchsticks, and burners. These items are very common in every home and kitchen. And burn marks can be seen on the carpet even if a very small flame falls on it.

When a small portion of your carpet gets damaged, always prefer repair of the specific area rather than replacing the whole carpet.

Repairing a burn mark on carpets is a simple process if performed by experts. They cut off the damaged part of the carpet and adjust a new piece of the same colour and type. This fitting is so smooth and special that you are unable to spot the difference between the old one and the newly fitted price.

The same procedure is followed for repair when a small piece of the carpet gets damaged in cases other than burn marks.

Carpets damaged by pets

Yes, pets are lovely and are part of your family but you didn’t like it when they do something wrong with your carpets and home interior. During playing pets abrade carpets by scratching, chewing, clawing due to sharp nails and teeth. Moreover, carpets get dirty and smelly from pets.  Of course, this is unacceptable for you but don’t worry expert carpet repairers can easily fix it.

Stretching of carpets

With the passage of time and usage, carpets get detached and loose. But don’t worry, it’s normal and it’s easily fixable. Expert carpet repairing professionals can easily fix this issue and stretch your carpet smoothly and reattach it to the floor. After this service, it looks like a new one.

Water damaged carpets

Water damage is a common problem at home with many reasons e.g. children splash water, heavy rain or flooding, and leakage in sanitary pipes. etc. First of all, the most important thing to do in this situation is to drain out the excess water and then dry the carpet with a fan or air blower.

The carpet repair company will also do the same, they drain and dry the carpet, clean it properly and if any portion gets damaged they will cut this portion and replace it with a similar new one. In the end, when your carpet is fixed on the floor it looks similar from all sides and is free from any bacterial growth or moulds.