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The average lifespan of carpets

How long does a carpet last on average in a home? Most people wonder about the lifespan of a carpet. On average, a carpet lasts around 5-8 years but there is a lot of variance between every individual carpet.

So, the answer actually depends on certain factors, which are:

  1. Quality of the carpet
  2. Usage of the carpet (like how many people reside in the house or if they have young children, pets, etc.)
  3. Maintenance of the carpet

As such, you can expect up to a decade or so.

Used frequently, poor Quality, and poorly maintained carpet: 2-3 years

For instance, if your carpet is of poor quality, maintained poorly, or exposed to lots of traffic from pets or many people, then your carpet will decay quickly or be grimy for sure.

In such cases, you may have to replace your carpet in a matter of some short years.

However, professional carpet services can extend the lifespan of your worst carpets with carpet repair and deep clean services in most instances.

Frequent use, adequate quality, and adequate carpet maintenance: 5-10 years

With the moderate use of the carpet and efforts being made for its maintenance, it can last for some more years.

This scenario is common in households with pets and children, where family members try to vacuum on a regular basis and even go for an annual deep clean.

Such carpets are more likely to last extra years with proper care. However, it will still gather stubborn stains and will damage over time.

Minimal usage, premium-quality, and great maintenance: over 20 years

When these factors lean in the direction of making the carpet last longer, then your carpet will last for a long time. But, many people have carpets to enjoy and use and thus, it is not realistic for avoiding touching the valued commodity. It becomes even more difficult when you have pets and kids around.

If no kids or no pets, then definitely you would not ask guests to use the floor space and avoid carpets. So, it is next to impossible to just ignore your carpet.

So, the only way to enjoy your clean, quality carpet and make it last longer is to have a balance between carpet maintenance and carpet protection.

How to maintain your carpet

There are some factors that play an important role in proper carpet maintenance. These include quality, deep cleaning by a professional every six months or a year, professional carpet repair and stretching if needed, prompt stain upkeep, and regular vacuuming with a premium machine.

Additionally, you have to take preventive measures like mats and rugs for extending the life of your carpet.

Long-lasting carpets

When you get the carpet cleaned and repaired by professionals regularly, then you can rest assured that it will last for a long time. A filthy carpet is a just nuisance. Not just that, but the grime and dirt can cause the carpet to deteriorate quickly. The grime and dirt damage your carpet fibres and thus, ruin the carpet’s structure.

Invest in premium quality

The price to replace your worn-out, old carpet completely eclipses the relatively lower cost of a professional deep clean. It is quite expensive to get a new carpet. To pay for a new carpet and its installation, you may have to deal with significant disruption in your budget.

So, it is better to go with repairs and regular cleaning from a professional carpet service and keep your carpet for longer.

Professional carpet cleaning service

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Understanding the average lifespan of carpets

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