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Repairing rips and tears by carpet specialists

Is your carpet seeing the best of days? Is your house stuffed due to the foul smell caused by wet dumpy carpet? Are you spotting rips, snags, and tears on your carpet? What is the first thing that will run in your mind when you experience such things in your carpets? Replacement.

Throw away the old, to bring in the new. But wait! Before you cross the bridge, there is a solution.

That is not the end of your carpet. Carpet repair specialists will come to your rescue and fix those rips and tears at a small cost.

Causes of tears and rips in the carpet

Carpets are highly durable, but due to the heavy use they undergo, that is, frequent stepping on, massive movements, and furniture dragging, they may experience immense wear and tear within a short period. Pets are humans’ best friends, and that is why they live with us in our houses.

But did you know that they are the number one causes of tears and rips to your carpet? Yes. Sounds surprising?

This is because they often play around and claw the carpets over and over again. This might bring unpleasant rips, tears, and snags that might, later on, turn into a big tear that is difficult to fix.

Another cause of consistent tears and rips is poor installation. Most of the areas affected are on the edges of the walls and at the doorways. Heavy objects and doors that are dragged continuously to and from, causing severe shredding and tearing.

Risks of a loose carpet

A shredded or torn carpet can cause danger and harm in the home. If you don’t pay close attention and walk keenly, they might trip you and fall. These torn areas may be permanently isolated. Such areas can get your feet stuck, causing falls, or slips which is very hazardous.

Professional carpet repair

There is good news. Those lifted areas can be fixed very fast and at an affordable rate. With our professionals’ help, we repair, reattach, and realign your carpet at a pocket-friendly cost and within your budget.

It is high time you wave goodbye to torn or slipped carpet and give them a new lease of life that will keep you smiling all day long.