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Importance of repairing your antique rugs

It’s a very common question about the repair of antique rugs. People normally ask that spending money on the repair of a damaged rug is a wise decision or not. Or is this repair work to enhance the esthetic look of our antique rug? The answer to this question is based on many different scenarios.

Yes, it’s good to repair your antique rug and it also enhances the value of your rugs. It depends on your selection of service providers. In most cases, rug value is improved by restoration but sometimes it decreases due to nonprofessional service providers.

How to know if your antique rugs need repairing?

There is a simple theory about cost analysis and the future value of anything. Simple is that take an estimate of the repairing cost and then check the price of new rugs of the same quality. If there is a little difference between repairing cost and new rug costs always go for a new rug.

Secondly, if you think the repair cost is normal and it gives your rug a long life then go for the repair option. But if the value of the rug remains the same then it’s useless to spend a lot on repair.

If you have some emotional attachments with the rug or it’s a gift for someone special or from your elders and you can bear the repair cost then you can proceed with the repairing option. Because in this scenario price is not an issue but emotional attachment with rug values more.

Furthermore, if you own an antique rug like Oriental carpets or Persian rugs then you can go with the repair option but after deeply accessing all the conditions.

Check the repairing cost, age of the rug, colour scheme, design, and future value. If this design is going to be an old trend then it’s worthless to spend on it. If it’s according to trends and repair gives a good life to rug then go for repair from a professional repairing company.

How to preserve your carpets’ great quality?

Whenever you handle anything with the care it lasts longer as compared to rough handling. The same is the case with rugs, their worth will remain for years if you handle them with care.

Antique rugs need more care as compared to the normal ones. Furthermore, repair from a professional company is required to handle such antique items. Not only repair but cleaning should also be done in a professional way to enhance the worth of the carpet and keep it long-lasting.

Normally we prefer dry cleaning for rugs but avoid this. It will damage your antique rugs. How?

They use several chemicals in dry cleaning and these chemicals can react with the fibre of your rug and may result in discolouration or may weaken the fibre. So always choose professional cleaning companies who wash it properly and do the cleaning.

Rugs repair according to its type

There are many types of rugs that exist and their worth also varies according to types. Some are antiques, some are handmade and this list is so on. Point is that every rug needs different treatment for repair and for cleaning according to its type. If you repair all rugs in the same way then keep in mind its integrity is in danger.

Antique rugs need special treatment which includes re-knotting and reweaving. For handling repair of antique rugs, you need highly professional repairers who can perform the activity so smartly that no one can find any repair sign. If you hire a nonprofessional person for cost-saving then you lose the worth of your antique rug and repair and damage signs can be visible.

People normally thought that repair is just sewing the pieces together but in reality, it’s not as simple as seems. Some service providing companies sew the edges with the latest sewing machines and claim that it has done. You need professionalism in your work and customer satisfaction always matters a lot.

For antique rugs, it’s too difficult to match the fibre colour for sewing and you have to choose smartly. It’s difficult to match the dye with the original one. It’s an art to match the dyes with natural rug dyes. A single colour has too many variables and this makes it hard to choose and match. Then next is to choose quality dry because it faded as per its quality. If compared with plant-based dyes, modern rugs always feel and seem faded. But a smart carpet repairing person can match it wisely depending on its experience and expertise.

Why is rug repair not frequently recommended?

Rugs repair is always not recommended due to some factors. Sometimes rug quality is not too extraordinary that you go for its repair. But in other scenarios it’s possible that if repaired then the rug may get devalued or it’s not acceptable for future sale.

Sometimes a nonprofessional repairing person causes damage and devalues your rug from its existing worth. Basically, the repair is to enhance worth or to restrict further damage. Modern rugs are a bit sensitive as compared to the old ones and need more care during the repair.

If your rug is not an antique piece or has no emotional attachment here then always compare repair costs with a new rug cost and then decide further. It’s a big NO if the new carpet cost is little more than the repair cost.

Decision Making

Hopefully, you understand all the parameters and conditions on which antique rugs repair decisions should be based. Now as you know it’s technical work and requires too much professionalism so always prefer an excellent service provider with good skills.

Decide wisely, take a quotation from the service provider and ask them by which method they repair your carpet, and after analysing all the situations and conditions go for it. Think twice before decision making and keep in mind that this decision is not for time being; it will affect the precious time of your life and moments.