Elegant Carpet Repairs
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To fix buckles, loose fibres, and ripples, our technicians will conduct a careful re-stretching of your carpets to attain elegant-looking rug in no time.

One loose thread can affect the entire carpet. If you are noticing some loose thread on your rugs, do not wait for it to worsen and consult Elegant Carpet Repairs today!

Yes, we can repair carpet burn and stains by using the latest treatment and equipment for carpet rehabilitation. We can re-sew fitting carpets and make it look good as new.

Small or big dirt is a huge factor as to why you can easily damage your carpet. Small sharp dirt can loosen and cut fibres that lowers your carpet elegance.

Elegant Carpet Repairs only uses the best and the latest equipment to conduct appropriate carpet restoration for both domestic and commercial premises.

Yes, we can definitely fix the hole in your carpet by carpet patching.

Investing in professional carpet repair will help you save money rather than buying a new carpet. If your carpet can still be mendable, do not be reluctant to give what it deserves.

The prices vary depending on the severity of your carpet problem, but we can assure you that our services have no hidden charges.

Absolutely. We are accredited with many years of experience in carpet repair. Our technicians undergo careful background screening and meticulous training to guarantee a high level of knowledge about carpet restoration.

Maintaining your carpets is one of your added responsibilities to prolong its life and to avoid inconvenient spending for damages. You can do small tasks like vacuuming to maintain your carpets in good condition but if things get out of hand, do not hesitate to give us a call for complete professional assistance to your carpet problem.

Some experts recommend to put an ice cube and let it melt to eradicate indentations, but of course, it is better to consult a professional carpet restoration firm like us to assist you properly on this matter. The diy formula may further decline your carpet’s elegance.

Scotchgard is one of the recommended treatments to have your carpet a certain degree of protection against stains.

Handling the carpet repair alone may be tempting to save money. However, you can never be sure if you have thoroughly succeeded, and further damage may happen without proper expertise. It’s wise to call a professional carpet repair to help you settle your problem.